Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A picnic with the ducks!

During week two of duck life Blake and Cassie decided to take the ducks on a picnic in our garden! They loved it and got to swim around the big baby pool! They are getting so big so quick and they are an absolute clumsy joy to be around. They are currently three weeks and a day old and are still nestled in their brooder. They should be able to go outside to their duckhouse in a week or so, and hopefully the weather will be a little warmer by then and they will have more feathers too. Right now we can see feathers starting to poke through; mostly on their butts. We have been going to the food co-op and the natural food store for organic scraps. Its AWESOME! There are so many delicious food scraps and believe me, these little guys eat a TON! We have found they cucumbers and strawberries are their favorites. They also love to forage through their hay, so we try and hide bits of strawberries in their bedding. It's like they're found gold when they find those strawberry bits. More to come soon!

Also, we have two new roomates entering the household very soon. Jenn, who is a reiki master, herbalist, and shaman is still in the process of moving in. I can't wait for her to actually be around often. She is so great and I have a million things to learn from her! I hope that we can make tinctures together with the herbs we are able to grow in our garden. We just decided on a roomate the other night who is moving in June 1st. He will be replacing Megan because she got a SWEET job in Tahoe. We will miss her a lot, but wish her lots of luck and unending joy in her next adventure. Our new June mate is a rock climber named Chris and he loooooves to garden as well. So all is looking up here in the Gely house.

- jaclyn

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